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So much of the appeal of playing roulette is the exciting casino atmosphere. The elegant setting, the encouragement of the crowd when a player hits a winning streak, and sharing the joy of other player’s wins all contribute to the full casino experience. Yet despite the appeal of the casino, many players prefer to play at home. This eliminates the need to travel, and the player gains certain freedoms. They can dress however they like, listen to their favorite music, talk to their friends on the phone, and eat whatever they choose. Game developers have managed to combine the best of both of these scenarios with online live roulette, giving players the ability to experience the thrill and anticipation of the live roulette wheel spinning without ever having to leave their home. High definition streaming video technology makes this possible, with a game interface containing a window with the live video feed from a game room where a living, breathing dealer conducts the game.

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Live Roulette Strategy

Everyone is looking for a live roulette strategy that works, one that will allow them to win huge payouts playing roulette. The evidence for this is the many books, YouTube videos, and websites discussing the exciting game of roulette. There’s certainly no lack of experts claiming to have found the winning secret who are willing to share it all in exchange for a hefty sales fee. So we are left with the question that preoccupies the mind of all roulette players, is there a legitimate roulette strategy that can guarantee or even increase our odds of winning?

As with all information found online, a healthy dose of skepticism is essential. It’s easy to find questionable sites, videos and e-books making outlandish promises. All claiming they have the answer you’ve been looking for, which they are happy to disclose, for a price. You can be sure that these are almost certainly scams, so steer clear. The legitimate strategies are not huge secrets, and they can’t guarantee your success every time. However, it may be possible to increase your chances of success using a winning roulette system. In any case, using a betting system can be a fun way to approach the game. To begin, you must have patience, persistence, and the willingness to practice.

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Progressive Betting Strategies

The main strategies in roulette are based on how much money to wager and when. This usually means increasing the amount wagered in progressive increments, which is why these systems are referred to as progressive betting systems.

Martingale Betting System

In theory, this system works by allowing you to recoup your loss after every losing bet by continually double the value of your wagers. It is simple to understand, but risky and rarely used by expert players. It is quite possible to continue doubling your bet until you run out of money and lose it all. To find out more read our Martingale betting system strategy article.

Paroli Betting System

Similar to the Martingale system, this strategy also operates on a progression theory. Here, instead of doubling your wager after every loss, you double your wager after every win, the idea being that your winnings come from the casino’s pockets, not your own. To find out more check out our Paroli betting system strategy article.

Labouchere System

Another progression strategy, although not as dramatic as doubling your wagers as with the Martingale and Paroli systems, the Labouchere system uses a line of numbers to select the amount to bet following a loss or a win. Also known as the split martingale or the cancellation system, it requires the player to determine how much they would like to win before they begin to play, writing down a series of numbers that add up to that amount. Every time a bet is placed, an amount equal to the combination of both the first and final numbers in the series is wagered. If the bet is a winning one, the numbers are crossed off of the list. If the bet is lost, that amount is added to the end of the series. These steps are repeated until all numbers in the series are crossed out. Obviously, this is a far more complicated system than the Martingale or Paroli systems.

You can find more information on the Labouchere System in our strategy section. No system can guarantee a 100% success rate, but it may be possible to improve your betting outcomes with these systems. They can certainly add structure to your game, giving you a better gaming experience. In any case, they are fun to try and add an entirely new dimension to the exciting game of live roulette.

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