Choosing a Live Dealer Poker Game



One of the most popular betting games, online live poker is a thrilling new way to play this casino classic. Most players would agree that poker is essentially a social game, so an animated game interface run by a random number generator (RNG) can be a less than satisfying experience. However, if you add video of a live dealer to that interface, you bring a lot of the casino atmosphere and the social aspect of game play to the home screen. Online live dealer poker games allow you to play a fun game of poker with a live dealer and other live players.

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Choosing a Live Poker Game



Popularity is important when choosing a poker game just so you can be certain to always find a game or table, since you need other players in order to play poker. For example, it’s usually easy to find a Texas hold’em game or tournament to watch as a spectator if you’d like to learn more about the game, you can even watch at home on television to study games and take notes if that helps. If you are eager to play, live poker is a great option for learning the game or honing your poker skills. You just have to find the right game for you.


Live Poker Variants



There are probably as many poker variants to choose from as there are casinos and poker rooms, but all the many variations can generally be divided among three main categories: draw, stud, and community card.


Draw Live Poker Variants



Draw poker includes any variation of poker where a complete hand is dealt to every player before the first round of betting begins, after which players can discard and draw cards. These games are common among home games, but far less common in casinos and tournaments. Well known among the draw poker games is five card draw. Other variations include jackpots, California lowball, double-draw, triple-draw and high-low split.


Stud Poker Variants

Stud poker games are any variation of poker where players are dealt a combination of face-up and face-down cards amidst multiple rounds of betting. Face-down cards are known as hole cards and the expression “ace in the hole” actually comes from this variant of the poker game. Seven card stud is possibly the most well known variation of stud poker, but other variants include six card stud, high-low stud and Caribbean stud.

Community Card Games

Poker Hand Ranking

Community card poker games are any variation of poker that makes use of community cards, that is, cards dealt in the middle of the table face up and are shared by all the players in the game. In community card games an incomplete hand is dealt to each player, face down, and these incomplete hands are combined with the shared card or cards in the center of the table to create a complete hand. The “board”, or the group of community cards, may be arranged into a pattern or simply laid out in a line. The most well known game, by far, of the community card games is Texas hold’em. Other variants include Omaha hold’em, tic tac toe, and pineapple hold’em.

Texas Hold’em



Texas hold’em is a community card variant of poker, but it definitely deserves its own discussion. Probably the most well-known variation of the game of poker, it is equally popular in its online live dealer version. Texas hold’em is also said to be the easiest poker variant to learn because the rules are fairly simple. Each player is dealt two hole cards and five community cards are laid out. The five community cards are dealt in three separate stages. In the first stage, known as “the flop”, three cards are dealt. The second stage, called “fourth street” or “the turn” consists of a single card, as does the final stage, known as “the river” or “fifth street”. The players try to create the best hand by combining their hole cards with the community cards.




All live poker games are vetted thoroughly by independent testers to ensure their fairness, so you can trust that your game is honest. Having a live video feed helps add a level of authenticity as well since there is a video record of all games. With random number generator games, you have to trust that the games are truly random and not running on an algorithm that gives the house even more of an advantage than they already have. Even a bit of doubt about a game can ruin your fun and enjoyment. With online live poker games, you can feel secure in the fairness of the game, so sit back and enjoy the fun.

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