Live Dealer Labouchere System



With the popularity of the Martingale betting system over the past 300-400 years, many mathematicians and advanced Roulette players have tried to create other betting systems that use the Martingale system as its basis. One such system is called the Live Dealer Labouchere System. This particular system has also been referred two the “cancellation system” and the “split Martingale system”.


About the Live Dealer Labouchere System



Unlike the Live Dealer Martingale Betting System, the Live Dealer Labouchere System will usually require the player to keep track of the process with pencil and paper. This should serve as an indication the Labouchere is more complicated than the Martingale.

The first rule of thumb is the system is only intended for use while wagering on the traditional even money options on the Roulette table. These options include Even/Odd, Red/Black or 1-18/19-36. Note: While the payout odds are even money, the true odds are closer to 47-48%, depending on the presence of the green single zero and/or the green double zero that is found on an American style Roulette table. Effectively, the green zeroes represent the house's advantage on most bets.

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How the Live Dealer Labouchere System Works


The Live Dealer Labouchere System starts with the player deciding how much they want to win per Labouchere sequence. Based on that number, they would make a list of individual bet amounts that add up to the expected win amount. Six to eight numbers would be a good rule of thumb. The first bet of the sequence requires the player add the first number on the list and the last number on the list and bet that amount. If the bet wins, the player crosses off the two numbers used and goes to the next number from each end and bets that amount. If any bet loses, the player would place the losing bet amount at the end of the list and again, use the first and last amounts to derive the next bet. This entire process is performed until all numbers have been crossed off or the player runs out of money.

Example: The player wants to win $100 per Labouchere sequence and writes the list as follows: 20, 20, 10, 20, 10, 20 (order does not matter). The first bet would be $40 (20+20). If the bet wins, those two amounts get crossed off, the list now looks like 20, 10, 20, 10 and the player bets the amount derived from the first and last numbers, or $30. If that bet losses, the $30 goes to the end of the list that would then look like 20, 10, 20, 10, 30. The next bet would be the first and last numbers or $50.

Again, the process goes on until all numbers are crossed off, which will result in a total win of $100 for the sequence. The player can play as many sequences as they have time to play. Of course, there's a realistic chance the player will run out of money or run up against the table limit, which will also bring the sequence to an end with a significant loss.

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